Redefining philanthropy

so you can give with confidence and witness your impact.

Many brilliant ideas, No avenues for action
Many good intentions, No assurance in process
Many long-term innovations, No acknowledgement of outcomes

For our Benefactors, we ensure complete trust in the process, total knowledge of their contributions and a choice of giving in the form of time or resources.

We re-build Trust

Lack of transparency and unclear governance has led to a climate of mistrust for genuine donors in social organizations.

How can you be confident organizations are worthy of your financial support?

We re-generate Knowledge

Among the millions of social organizations, how to identify those who have a tangible and measurable social impact?

We re-assess Time

Strategic philanthropy requires time in order to make smart giving decisions that will generate social impact. How to optimize your time to make the most of it?

We provide solutions to make giving the norm

We leverage impact and give solutions for individuals and corporates to support high-impact social organizations tackling youth and children education.

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